Theatrical, Period & Dance Shoes

Founded in 1922 specifically as a dance and theatrical shoe company, Anello & Davide has developed extensively, but our high quality theatrical footwear is still a point of pride. Stars from Sir John Guilgud to Victoria Beckham and beyond have chosen to perform in our shoes. Guilgud gave his shoes enough importance to once state that "The day when the public is aware of my shoes, is the day my theatrical career is over."

Theatrical Footwear catalogue

This latest Theatrical Footwear catalogue is a comprehensive guide to period footwear, as well as a working catalogue to enable the appropriate selection to be made for any theatrical production. Anello & Davide makes a feature of creating footwear to specific requirements, which may not be met by the catalogue range.

Period Footwear

PDF Pre Roman
PDF Greco Roman
PDF Roman
PDF Post Roman Early Medieval
PDF Medieval
PDF Late Medieval / Renaissance
PDF Renaissance
PDF 17th Century
PDF 18th Century
PDF 18th Century / Early 19th Century
PDF 19th Century
PDF 19th Century / Early 20th Century
PDF 1920 - 1950
PDF 20th Century Chorus
PDF Middle Eastern

Dance Footwear

PDF Character Shoes
PDF Tap Dancing
PDF Irish Dancing

Theatrical Measuring Kit

PDF Theatrical Measuring Kit

Ordering The Anello & Davide Theatrical Range

  1. A personal visit is particularly appropriate during the planning of a production either in the UK or abroad. For appointments please complete our theatrical enquiry form
  2. If you would like to download our Theatrical Measuring Kit, please click here and follow the instructions clearly.
  3. Rare cases may require a visit to our Theatrical Department.

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