Embroidered Bespoke Shoe

The Making of Bespoke Shoes

Unlike factory-made shoes, a pair of hand-made shoes is unique to their owner - and their craftsmen. An Anello & Davide bespoke shoe is not made by one craftsman, but by a number of specialist craftsmen. Each with a particular skill, perfected by time and experience.

The various stages of shoe-making by hand are as follows:

The Fitting : The customer has their feet measured and examined, with meticulous notes taken on the precise statistics of each foot.

Last Making : These specific measurements, tracings and notes are then used to create a mould of each foot, called the 'Last'. A pair of Lasts is individual to the shoes for which they were designed, allowing further pairs of shoes to be made for the same customer using the original Lasts.

Pattern Making: Measurements are also used to produce a pattern specific to each customer and the chosen 'design'. The pattern will include all the intricate details and information needed to make the shoes look and feel just right.

Clicking: The Clicker uses information from the Pattern Maker to select the correct grades and flexibility of leather to suit the shoe and then cuts the pieces that will form the upper part of the shoe.

Closing: The Closer makes the upper part of the shoes out of the cuts from the Clicker, sewing together all the various pieces and adding stiffeners as necessary. He will also ensure that the lining and final shaping will work around the Last.

The Maker: By working the Closer's uppers around the Lasts, the Maker will stretch the uppers and add soles and heels. Sometimes leaving the uppers on the Lasts for up to seven days to ensure a more accurate fit.

Second Fitting: Before the heels and soles are added, often an appointment is made for a second fitting, allowing the maker to carry out final adjustments before completing and producing the shoes.

Finishing: The shoes are cleaned, polished and finished - ready for the customer.

This service is by appointment only. If you would like more information or indeed would like to book an appointment, please email us at enquiries@handmadeshoes.co.uk

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