The History of Anello & Davide

The Anello & Davide story is one of a well-earned success, worthy of the stage or screen. No wonder, with a history that includes stiletto heels for Marilyn Monroe, spats for Peter Ustinov, suede brogues for David Niven and of course... those boots for the Beatles.

Anello & Davide was founded in 1922 as a dance and theatrical footwear company, who quickly built a deserved reputation for superb hand-made shoes. A unique combination of Italian design flair and the English tradition of quality craftsmanship, enabled the business to flourish.

Discerning women of all ages, public figures, plus film and theatre's favourite stars soon discovered the superior comfort and inherent elegance of Anello & Davide footwear. This secured a faithful following throughout the world and a fierce loyalty, which has spanned generations.

In the 1960s we designed and made a style of boot which became arguably our most famous shoe - for our most famous customers - the Fab Four. The 'Beatle Boot' created queues of 'Mods' outside the Drury Lane shop, and has been in popular demand ever since.

The theatrical expertise at the heart of Anello & Davide's origins has thrived over the years, supplying bespoke dance shoes to the theatres of London in the 1920s, and going on to out-fit famous movie stars of the war time era.

Anello & Davide has been called upon to create unforgettable cinema icons - such as Dorothy's unforgettable red slippers form The Wizard of Oz - and to combine historical accuracy with dramatic wizardry in such memorable shows as Cats, Miss Saigon, 42nd Street, Beauty and The Beast and also Mama Mia. The world of film has continued to draw elegance from the shoes of Anello & Davide, in contemporary classics such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Henry V.

The award of the Royal Warrant for the Queen Mother in 1997 and Her Majesty the Queen in 2001, is a fitting tribute to a heritage founded on the finest of theatrical traditions - drama, glamour and a touch of magic.

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